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Newsletter 253
August 28, 2012

In This Issue...
The ADDIE Model
Understanding Developmental Needs
Learning Styles
Work Happy
Managing Generation Y'ers
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  Make Training Count!

In today's climate, many of us are expected to train our teams ourselves, rather than hiring in specialist trainers. So, how can you help your people get the most from their training?

A great place to start is with the ADDIE Model. This highlights steps that you can go through to develop an effective and engaging training program.

Then, learn how to understand your people's developmental needs, and find out about different learning styles, so that you can tailor your training to your people's preferences.

Enjoy this newsletter!

  James & Rachel

  James Manktelow and Rachel Thompson
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The ADDIE Model
Developing Learning Sessions From the Ground Up

Learn how to develop more effective learning experiences.
Newsletter Readers' Skill-Builder
The ADDIE Model
Understanding Developmental Needs
Helping Your People Reach Peak Performance

Use this process to understand your people's training and development needs. All Readers' Skill-Builder
Understanding Developmental Needs
Learning Styles
Understanding Learning Preferences

Find out about different learning styles, so that you can create effective training programs for your people.
All Readers' Skill-Builder
Learning Styles
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Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know, by Jill Geisler Speaker

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Work Happy
Managing Generation Y'ers
Harnessing the Talent of a New Generation

Find out how to manage and motivate young professionals.
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Managing Gen Y
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Editors' Choice Article
The ADDIE Model
Developing Learning Sessions From the Ground Up

Imagine that you've just been asked to develop your organization's orientation program for new hires.

This involves a lot of work, and there's an enormous amount of information that you need to cover. To put it mildly, you're feeling overwhelmed by everything that you need to do!

So, what should you focus on? How can you ensure that your training is engaging and interesting? And, with all the work that goes into designing a learning experience, how can you make sure that you don't forget an important step?
The ADDIE Model
Learn how to train your team more effectively.
© iStockphoto/Ridofranz
In this article, we'll look at how you can use the ADDIE Model to design effective learning experiences for your team.

About the Model

Although its origins are unknown, training designers and instructors have used the ADDIE Model for several decades as a guide for building effective, relevant training sessions.

ADDIE is an acronym that stands for the steps needed to prepare an effective learning session:
  1. Analysis.
  2. Design.
  3. Development.
  4. Implementation.
  5. Evaluation.
These steps may look quite obvious, but there are plenty of useful prompts under each of these headers that can help you improve the training that you deliver.

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A Final Note

Next week we're looking at how you can cope better with difficult situations at work.

See you then!

James Manktelow

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